Current Set-Up & Initial Thoughts

What Is It?

I chose to begin documenting at this specific time because I have been deciding on whether or not I should purchase a new computer.  As I stated in my first post, I am currently using a 2015 13″ MacBook Pro w/ Retina.  This laptop was purchased roughly 3 months ago, when the new 2015 model was announced at the Apple Keynote.  I had been wanting a new computer as the Mac Mini that I was using just wasn’t what I was looking for, but I wanted to wait to see the much-rumored MacBook Air Retina.  Following the keynote, I decided that the MacBook Pro was the way to go and I travelled to my local Apple store and placed my order for a custom laptop.

The model that I went with was a custom build that took about two weeks to be delivered.  I chose to begin with the base model 13″ MBP, which had 128gb of storage and 8gb of RAM.  After much debate, I decided to upgrade to the Intel Core i7 processor.  My reasoning for this was that I will be using this laptop for both work and everyday normal tasks.  With work, I am consistently using Excel spreadsheets and they had a tendency to run poorly on my Core i5 2014 Mac Mini.  I figured the added processing power would help remedy the sluggish performance (more on this later).  I decided to make no other customizations and placed the order.


Initial Thoughts

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my new MBP.  I had never placed a custom order and the 14 days that it took to be delivered were excruciating.  I was really excited to try the new Force Touch Trackpad and the portability was going to be a nice feature when compared to my Mini (not that traveling with the Mini is particularly difficult).

In my time with this computer, I have been able to form some initial impressions: some that could change, and a few that I’m confident will not.  The first thing you will ever notice about an Apple laptop is that they make the most beautiful hardware on the planet right now.  No other company puts as much time and energy into crafting such a meticulous piece of art.  The aluminum body looks great and has a tendency to give you a nice cold jolt on your wrists if it has been sitting unused for any period of time.  The glowing Apple logo on the back is great too.

The next thing I noticed within the first few weeks is that I honestly can’t tell a difference in speed between this Intel Core i7 processor and the less powerful Intel Core i5 that’s found in my wife’s 2013 MBPr.  There is no question that this MBP is a faster performer in day-to-day use when compared to my Mac Mini.  But I’m almost positive that has more to do with the SSD (which is blazing fast!) in the MBP compared to the HDD in the Mini.  This is one fast computer!  But I would recommend saving your money on the processor as the base model Core i5 in the 2015 is plenty fast enough.

Where I would recommend spending the extra money is on hard drive space.  There is no possible way that 128gb of space is enough for somebody’s only computer.  I’m a fool for thinking I could make due with the space and this is the single biggest reason that I am back in the market for a new computer.  I can’t stress this enough: DO NOT BUY THE 128GB MODEL AS YOUR ONLY MACHINE!  I did purchase a 64gb Transcend SD card to help, but it’s so slow to transfer files when compared to the SSD that it is not a viable solution.  The Transcend SD is a pretty slick product though as it sits flush against the side of the MBP and doesn’t stick out the way other SD cards do.


The Force Touch Trackpad was a topic that Apple spent a good amount of time promoting during their keynote.  It is a great new product that works just as well as the older, click-style trackpads that Apple has been making for years.  I’m not sure that I see the value of the Force Touch itself though.  In my time with the MBP, I have only used this feature maybe twice.  However, it is fun to turn off the computer and press the trackpad.  Nothing happens!

What’s Next?

I think the MacBook Pro is a fantastic computer and I can see why Apple sells millions of them.  However, I have decided to move onto a different computer because I made a huge mistake and purchased a primary device that has too little storage (my iPhone 6 has as much storage as my laptop!).  Sticking with Apple, I have decided to purchase the new 12″ Retina Macbook.  I placed my order this past Friday for the space grey, 1.2ghz, 512gb version.  I know that this computer has been polarizing since its announcement, but I decided to move forward with this experiment to see if it will work as my primary laptop.  I’m being told the expected delivery is 2-3 weeks and it can’t come soon enough!


Thanks for reading and please leave a comment!


One thought on “Current Set-Up & Initial Thoughts

  1. JoePa –first, thanks for stopping by marc’s blog….you are what I will call a multi-Mac’er and could be a valuable resource to me as I attempt to “macatize” myself!


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